What is VoB?

What is Voices of Breastfeeding?

Voices of Breastfeeding is a space for families with breastfeeding experience to share their stories and wisdom.  Women have of course breastfed babies throughout human history–none of us would be here without it!  In families where women have always breastfed, new moms and dads often have a support structure in place to guide and assure them as they work to provide baby’s first nourishment. But in Western societies (and some other locations), breastfeeding unfortunately fell out of practice for multiple generations, resulting in gaps in the social support and knowledge of families who choose breastfeeding.  Families profiled on Voices of Breastfeeding have breastfed exclusively (or nearly exclusively) for at least four months and have frequently breastfed much longer.  These women and men share their (often very personal) stories as a way of supporting other families who are considering breastfeeding or who are currently breastfeeding.

Families in search of particular information may find it helpful to use the tags on the right side of the screen, which link to posts that discuss those specific issues.

Commenting on Voices of Breastfeeding

Voices of Breastfeeding is a site of connection and support.  We are sensitive to the vulnerability that families undertake by telling their stories and techniques in a public sphere.  We welcome comments that express appreciation or ask earnest questions. VoB is not a place for criticism or arguments. (Those certainly have their place in society, and the web is full of them, but the place for discord is not here.) Disrespectful or critical comments will be deleted without a second thought. Repeat offenders may be blocked from the site.  If you are part of a breastfeeding family with strong beliefs about your techniques, and you would like to share your story, we would love for you to request an interview through the Interview Me! page.

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